About GotIt!

Feeling Stuck?  It Sucks.

When was the last time you felt “stuck” on something you couldn’t crack? Happens often, doesn’t it? But when you finally understood, by asking questions, getting an explanation, you had a moment, where you simply, ‘got it’. A micro learning breakthrough.

Getting Unstuck.

Today, we can enable these learning breakthroughs through technology and pervasiveness of messaging behavior. We’re building an on-demand service creatively: as a marketplace for expertise, based on a messaging platform (our own for now). It’s not a community site like Q&A sites, nor is it a content site.

The difference is: as a service. we can offer a guarantee: chat with an expert, right now! We match you within seconds. For a 10 minute chat session. Need more time? Get another 10 minute session! Not another minute or two. Today we are live with hundreds of thousands of “aha moments” occurring monthly, and we’re pretty excited about how efficiently this free market works.

Today, we’ve built for a group that gets stuck often —  teenagers. High school and college students who get stuck in Math & Science. It’s not “ed-tech”. It’s a student demand driven B2C service.

Longer term, if we can make teenagers happy, we think we can make pretty much anyone happy. There is a growing number of subjects on our “wish list”. Not just STEM. All of us, even as professionals and hobbyists, get stuck. GotIt!